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Just again wanted to tell you guys that is blog is no longer active. I’ve moved my blog to which is going to be my new blog and I’m going to be a lot more active on that blog and unlike this one, I’ll try to keep up with the time and post stuff. I won’t be checking this blog anymore so if you leave a comment, I won’t answer/know about it. Once again, I’m moving.



I’m not sure if people still go here or whatnot, but I’m moving my blog owo!
For those who still come here, my new blog address is: and this time I’m hoping to be more active on it!

Ray’s Item.wz Edit Downloading Guide! (With Picture OwO)

Hey there, Ray here! And welcome back to another post!


(You either download the Patcher or the Regular Edit, not both).

Now a lot of people have been telling me that “my Item.wz edits is shit and that it’s really confusing to download.” (Which is true, the description is confusing as fuck). Sooooo I’ve decided to take my time and go over the downloading process… WITH PICTURES!


Patchers and Depatchers and how to download them!

Click the link to the Patcher!
You should come to this page:

Click the big green download button.


Click to run and it this should pop up.


Hit the next button!


Now click on the … and guide it towards your ExtaliaMS Folder.

Then hit okay and let it patch!
When it comes time to update to the next version, use the depatcher to depatch the patcher!
(Same process)


How to download the regular edit!

Click the regular edit link and this should come up:


 Hit the green button and download.

Rename this file to Item.wz (if it’s already named Item.wz then you can ignore this step)

Make a copy of your Item.wz (the one you got from patching to the newest version) and store it somewhere you’ll remember (not the Extalia Folder).
Take the downloaded Item.wz and replace it with the one you have in your Extalia Folder.


A lot of people ask me what’s the difference between the regular edit and the patcher?

Well the patcher is for if you want filters. The patcher includes:

Gach EditCubeChaos

The Item Bigger Thingy (theres more, just didnt want to list them all)


The Mastery Book Edits

And the Filters to certain monsters



(there’s more, full list is on the video)

The Regular Edit on the other hand doesn’t have the filters, only the Item Bigger and Mastery Book Edit.


And yeah… That’s about it.


Alternative Way to Download V1.38

Hey there, Ray here! And welcome back to another post!

Hahaha… yeah I seriously fail to keep this blog up to date qq. I’m sorry XD! I know I said I would try to keep things updated but that kinda just went out the window! Very busy with things and farming and Extalia and YT and stuff and yeah, excuses and excuses!



I’m here to bring to you another way to download V1.38 of Global MapleStory just incase you didn’t want to download the 5GB file!

  Please click to download the four files listed below.  You must save these files to the same folder.  Then simply run the MSSetupv138.exe file to install MapleStory normally.


If this doesn’t work anymore, it’s most likely because Nexon removed it or you did something wrong or I did something wrong.

Well that’s it for now, see you guys later!


Extalia Anniversary Coin Guide!

Hey there, Ray here! And welcome back to another post!

Today’s post is going to be about the MapleStory Anniversary Event! Extalia just got it yesterday and you should take advantage of this event. This event introduces the new 8th Anniversary Weapons, Equipment, Scrolls, Coins, and Leaves. Now in order to take part of this event, you’re going to need the 8-th Anniversary Coin. There are really two major ways of getting these coins: Farming and Doing Quests.

Method 1 – Farming!

The first method to obtain coins is farming. You can farm the 8th Anniversary Maple Leaves and trade them in to Cassandra for the 8th Anniversary Coins. The rate of exchange is 100 leaves to 1 coin (100:1). You can also farm the 8th Anniversary Boxes that drop from mostly every monster. These boxes can hold 8th Anniversary Weapons, Equipment, Scrolls and Coins as well.  Now if you plan on farming, I suggest that you farm in a small flat map with a high spawn rate. I personally farm in the Alien’s mini dungeon in Omega Sector with the Item Filter on my Kaiser.

Method 2 – Quests!

The second method to obtain coins is doing the quests. The first quest I’ll be talking about is the Maple Leaves Keep Falling On My Head Quest. Accept this quests and get taken to a special map in which for 3 minutes, Maple Leaves will constantly fall and coins will fall every so often. BEWARE to avoid everything that doesn’t look like a leaf or a coin! You can repeat this every 30 minutes! On average you should be able to get at least 200-400 leaves per run. The second quest I’ll be talking about is the Coin Every Day quest. This is your daily quest in which you get a free coin. MAKE SURE TO DO IT EVERYDAY! Pretty self-explanatory. The third quest I’ll be talking about is the Party On! quest. Accept the quest and do 3 party quests to get a coin or two.  The fourth quest I’ll be talking about is the Moony Eyeed Portrait quest. Accept the quest and hold an item for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes turn in the quest and get a coin. This should be repeatable 5 times a day, but I can’t get it to repeat for some reason. The last and finally quest I’ll be talking about is the Maple Tree Seedling quest. Raise a Maple Tree Seedling into a Maple Tree and harvest its fruit! Now you don’t get a coin from this quest but you get a nice tittle floating above your head! However you can get coins from the fruit as a reward!

So yeah, that it for this post! Hope you guys enjoy

ExtaliaMS – Ray Plays Ketchup!

Hey there, Ray here! And welcome back to another post!

So I just wanted to play a little game of ketchup so that I’m with the time 😛 Currently I’m kinda like 4 months off but it’s all good! (No it isn’t Ray!). I will briefly go over what has happened since February 28, 2013!


1. Character Card System was added – all cards but effects that increase durations don’t work yet. ( )

2. I think Pink Bean no longer requires channel check

3. Equipment Sets effects are now considered

4. Updated to V1.31

5. Fixed the bug in which when you had two of the same one of a kind items in both your shop and inventory, when you reset your shop the items disappear.

6. Kanna and Hayato Weapons and Potential

7. Monster Status System (Annoying Af)

8. Empress Cygnus has been implemented (YAY!) 

9. Hidden cutted us some slack with DR timing! (YAY)  

10. FOJ items are now tradeable

11. Lottery was removed, now its a storage with a 1% fee.

12. Lot of fixes to Empress.

13. Root Abyss is now here! (YAY)

14. Various Hyper Skills were added along with older skill fixes and new mechanics. 

15. Currently now!

Well that’s about it for now! HOPEFULLY (HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY) I will be keeping up with everything that goes on and will update ASAP. ‘Till then…