New Channel Banner!

Hey there, Ray here!

So just made my new channel banner for the new stupid ugly YouTube Layout:



ExtaliaMS – Ray Plays Ketchup!

Hey there, Ray here! And welcome back to another post!

So I just wanted to play a little game of ketchup so that I’m with the time 😛 Currently I’m kinda like 4 months off but it’s all good! (No it isn’t Ray!). I will briefly go over what has happened since February 28, 2013!


1. Character Card System was added – all cards but effects that increase durations don’t work yet. ( )

2. I think Pink Bean no longer requires channel check

3. Equipment Sets effects are now considered

4. Updated to V1.31

5. Fixed the bug in which when you had two of the same one of a kind items in both your shop and inventory, when you reset your shop the items disappear.

6. Kanna and Hayato Weapons and Potential

7. Monster Status System (Annoying Af)

8. Empress Cygnus has been implemented (YAY!) 

9. Hidden cutted us some slack with DR timing! (YAY)  

10. FOJ items are now tradeable

11. Lottery was removed, now its a storage with a 1% fee.

12. Lot of fixes to Empress.

13. Root Abyss is now here! (YAY)

14. Various Hyper Skills were added along with older skill fixes and new mechanics. 

15. Currently now!

Well that’s about it for now! HOPEFULLY (HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY) I will be keeping up with everything that goes on and will update ASAP. ‘Till then…


A Different Way Of Downloading V1.34

Hey there, Ray here!

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted and to be honest, I kinda forgot about this! SO SORRY! I’ve been so busy with other things such as School and Extalia that I totally forgot that I had to a blog to run! I will be more active once summer hits and school ends. Once again, I am sorry for those who actually come and visit here, how you find this place I will not know…

Anyways, as the tittle says, I have an alternative way to download v1.34 just in case people are having trouble with the large 5 GB -ish file/using SplitFile.exe (or whatever that program is called). Simply download ALL (I REPEAT ALL!!!) files and place them within the same (I REPEAT SAME!!!) folder and then run the .exe.


Welcome back Zyryn!

Hey there, Ray here! And welcome back to another post.

So some of you may know, Zyryn has come back to Extalia 🙂

Who is he? He was an Ex GM that quitted 😛 but he’s back as a GM again 🙂

Don’t really know the dude much, but congratz and welcome back 🙂

Oh and I think his name is Kris, again not too sure 😛 Yes I’ve been living under a rock and don’t know The GM’s names 😦

Well yeah, just wanted to share that!

-Ray- 🙂

Ray’s Overview of ExtaliaMs V1.25 Update :3

Hey there, Ray here! And welcome back to another post!

So yesterday, Christmas Day 25th of December, the Extalia Staff surprised us with the V1.25 update. Now what came with this update was: The Tempest overhaul, A botched (loving the word botched for some reason :3) version of Luminous, and the lack of Kaiser :3. Nothing wrong with the broken Luminous or the absence of Kaiser! I mean seriously, just the fact that they managed to update to Tempest on Christmas Day was enough for me!

Now in case you’re wondering what’s wrong with Luminous:

  1. You can’t link skill
  2. Pressure Void doesn’t move like it’s suppose to
  3. Lunar Tide, Dusk Guard, and Photic Meditation and maybe Shadow Shell don’t function
  4. Ender doesn’t deal any damage

But yeah, even with all those bugs 😛 STILL OPED AS FUCK! WHY Q_Q

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Merry Christmas :3 + ExtaliaMS is going thru V1.25 >:3

Hey there, Ray here! And welcome back to another post :3

First off just wanted to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and hope you guys get lots of presents and have fun and all that good stuff 😛


Now as you may know, ExtaliaMS is down right now as of me typing this :3 THAT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE UPDATING! OMG! YAY! LOL!

So yeah if you want to jump the guy and update to V1.25 beforehand you can”

and v125:

Download V123 first and patch your ExtaliaMS and then do the same with V124 and V125 patchers
After that, all you have to do is wait for the Extalia Staff to release the new client and you’re ready to go 😛

More links 😛 So Extalia just release their new client and patchers !

For those who wish to use a patcher to update their v1.22 folder (V122-V125):

For those who wish to redownload whole v1.25 MapleStory:

Our new v1.25 client (You will need this to start ExtaliaMS):

Now a quick review of what’s to hopefully come :3

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Download V122 Maplestory for ExtaliaMS :3

Hey there, Ray here! Back again with another post!

So as you know, the website is down so there is really no way to download the Extalia client or V122 Maplestory. Well I’m here to help you guys out :3.

If you don’t have Maplestory V1.22, you can follow this method: 
Download 1.20 from:

Download 1.21 patch from:

Download 1.22 patch from:

 ExtaliaMS Client:



That should hopefully give you everything you need.

Credits to Gravay of the Extalia Staff :3

Hope this helps :3!


If it DCs you, check the links 

Download these 2 files
then extract both in your maplestory folder
(Links do not belong to me”

Inkwell’s Secret Entries Post Xenon Related >:3

Hey there, Ray here! And welcome back to another post!

Lost Memory

What is this picture?
I can’t remember it at all…

So as you can see, Inkwell left us another picture in his post again 😛 ! Seems like it has something to do with Xenon’s past, maybe part of his storyline?! Wonder who that girl is lol XD Sister? Girlfriend? Classmate? Random Person? Lol anyways, they seem like they’re eating lunch in Edelstein Park. Well can’t wait till everything come to the really server!